The Green and the Red

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Every major holiday has its classic color scheme.

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Halloween decorations are generally orange and black. And every year around Christmas, the world sparkles with red and green hues. Society has long associated Christmas with this classic color combo. Yet we do so without any inkling of doubt.

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Sure, red and green make a lovely pair, but how did they become the official colors of Christmas? It actually started centuries ago, when the colors were used to commemorate a different holiday.

Ancient Celtic peoples revered red- and green-colored holly plants for being evergreen and believed holly was meant to keep Earth beautiful during the dead of winter. So when they and other cultures celebrated the winter solstice, they decorated their homes with holly to bring protection and good luck to their families in the coming year.

The tradition of pairing red and green dates continued into the 14th century, when the colors were used to paint medieval rood screens, which were partitions installed in churches to separate the congregation from the priest and the altar. Spike Bucklow , a research scientist at the University of Cambridge, speculates that this physical boundary could have influenced Victorians to associate the colors with a different boundary, marking the end of the old year and the beginning of a new one at Christmas.

Never heard of him? Until that point, artistic renditions of Santa were never consistent. He was usually a thin-looking guy, and his robes varied between blue, green, and red.

The Red Green Show (TV Series –) - IMDb

If so, then you might want to consider going green when designing your logo. As the color of plants and nature, green signifies freshness, health, growth and renewal. Accordingly, companies like Whole Foods, Morning Star Farms and the Sierra Club communicate their eco-friendly and health-conscious values, in part, through green logos. Green is also linked to luck think four-leaf clovers and tranquility. With red being an appetite stimulant and green signifying freshness, this color combination has historically been popular in the food industry.

Even though Mountain Dew is an artificially flavored soft drink, its brand identity is linked to nature. Give me the sunshine, give me a Dew.

A perennial pair: Red and green logos aren’t just for Christmas

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