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  2. Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds

During the escape, they come across Kalis, a woman with a strange daughter, Nimcha, shortly after a violent change of zones with different energy states.

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Through a number of references and details placed here and there, the readers discover the various zones, where different energy states allow different levels of technology and in some ways of biological life as well. Slowly, more details are revealed about Quillon, the angels and the world outside Spearpoint, a sort of post-apocalyptic land where various factions fight to control the scarce resources.

There are the underlying mysteries about that world and what happened to bring out that kind of civilization and especially the zones with different energy states that are not fixed and whose movements can be very dangerous. The ancient knowledge has been forgotten so nothing about that world is certain.


In this situation, Quillon is mostly a catalyst, meaning that in the course of the novel he meets a numbero of people who are crucial to offer a hope for a better future. The presence of Ricasso is crucial also to develop various themes related to politics and society in that post-apocalyptic environment.

Lounge Access | oneworld

Various details about that world seem contradictory and this may be due to the very limited and confused knowledge of their past those future humans have with the consequence of creating further doubts. Your email address will not be published. Key airport parking trends. Video: Beijing Daxing inaugurated.

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Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds

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