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I also got to be at the and Earth Day Celebrations in Grand Junction, along with various coffee shops, public events, private parties, and many fairs and festivals.

ICORN guest writer Philo Ikonya publishes new novel and poetry collection

I also the featured performer at The Planet Earth Gallery for the Dark Show in and was the only singer from Grand Junction at a benefit concert in Loveland, Colorado that raised money for the construction of ears for a small boy who was born without them. This and the movie "Immortal Beloved" inspired a song called "Loss" that I wrote and hope to produce on my next CD about what I would feel about losing my hearing, something I fear. That year I was also privileged to accompany my friend and fellow artist, Theresa Joseph, on hand percussion at a Songwriter's Invitational in South Dakota while also previewing one of my newest songs "Walking Between Worlds," that I wrote for Joseph and another dear friend Ambra Scarlett both Native American flute players.

This is another song planned for production this year and explores the pain suffered by many of mixed heritage who stride between various cultures, often suffering abuse from both sides, who could be seen as the bridge that might be a healing force in this broken world. Both of these women are my sisters in every sense of the word but birth. This year I played in Nashville wow what cool people in a showcase for Affinity Music, as well as recently traveling to Denver to play in a Just Plain Folks showcase my God what talent amongst these Indie artists, I was overwhelmed.

Both performances went very well and I met some fabulous people, not only industry people to help me further my dreams but people who I think will be friends as well. That was very cool!! From here down my musical past Read at your own peril! As a musician, my influences have been many. As mentioned above, I played folk music for years, singing Peter, Paul, and Mary still do , Janis Ian, Steeleye Span, Simon and Garfunkel, and lots and lots of others, some known, some unknown. I loved its focus on lyrics and stories.

I have also played a wide variety of music including classical music, rock and roll in several bands--some good, some we won't talk about: , country again some good and one truly bad , jazz, some really strange music based on Israeli music I wrote for some dancers one of my first pieces. I even arranged gregorian chant for brass when I was in college. I was lucky enough to play in a backup band one year for Darlene Austin when she was traveling through here for a benefit concert.

If anyone had been there, I was the unseen keyboard player behind the huge keyboard stack--I'm rather short but very feisty!! I am also able to say I was the last official member of Windfield out of Denver.

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I ran lights for their last tour here in Grand Junction and sang onstage with them as well. Note here--good people--very, very good people!! Their leader, Dano, was one of the best people I have ever known. We still talk from time to time.

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As I read my official bio I find I hold B. But my favorite instrument, the one I most enjoy using, and teaching is Voice. For these reasons I sing--I sing because I love it. I sing because I must. I sing because without song life is a dingy place.

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More than anything I love to write and perform. Music is the magic that makes my life complete. Although I still love to play for my very first fans those who first listened to me in the town of my childhood, Maybell, Colorado the squirrels, rattlesnakes, rabbits, and so on, having real-live people in the audience is really very cool. Log in to write a review.

Lylamae T. Chedsey Crumly Susan's songs resonate in my soul. As I listen to the Songs of the Dark, I can either sit quietly soaking the music into my being or rise and dance, letting the music guide my movements.

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I have had the pleasure to dance to To Dance Down the Moon as the moon was coming over the horizon at a live performance by Susan Chypher. Please write me if you find help for your heart. I will write you back. I saw an old man one winter here, huddled with a blanket over him, standing next to the road, looking haunted. His face cried to me of his being a child at one time, having a family, a wife, and the loss of all of these things and how close all of us are to being that man. This is my daughter's favorite song.

Speaks the Nightbird

I know all the stories about how many of the homeless chose to stay there, and I have, since this was written, seen this as a truth, on helping out someone who was homeless who just sabotaged all help, but I know that something had broken in him, and we too, with just the wrong turn in the road, could be just as broken. I just met a man recently who was okay, a hard-working man with his own home, but who crushed his vertebra, wound up in a bad divorce, then another bad relationship she took his home , and now he is on the street.

He is several years younger than I, but looked almost 10 years older. I now worry, as so much is stacked against him, and once again, it was brought home to me that, as in my song, "We are the same, you and I, as we walk under the same blue sky, crying tears when there's pain, we are the same. The next song, "David's Song," is dedictated to my husband, as I dreamed about a time when knights rode on great horses, when there was always a hero to come and carry you away from a feeling of being "chained, alone, and broken-hearted," to "ride through the surf and sand, flirting with the sun.

Speaks the Nightbird Volume 1: Judgement of the Witch - Reviewed

My kids said he had gone to the store. I told them to have him watch for me, as I tried to bring the car home. Also, taste "Siren Song," a favorite of my friend Rochelle. It actually got added later, as a gift to her, who has a been a fan from the beginning of The Nightbird's run. The song is loosely based on the idea of the sirens singing to Odysseus. To hear them was to hear the most beautiful song in the world, so beautiful that on hearing it, you would forget to steer the ship and crash upon their island. Listening to a different kind of siren one morning on the way to work made me wonder if perhaps the sirens still sing, in the cold velvet of the morning, enchanting lovers with the sounds of the sea.

Garfield Middle School for them to sing, knowing that they can dream things into reality. Often as adults we feel our dreams are gone, this says "I too will dream, free as you seem.

In "Children of the Dawn," written after seeing a flight of birds afterwards found to be starlings--not pretty birds take off as dawn touched the horizon. They then made beautiful patterns in the sky that looked like a worship of life, the arrival of the light, and pure joy of flight.

In the song it says, "why do we not rejoice with them and fly on wings of air ListBaby Widget "Sign in! The fault must partly have been in me. The bird was not to blame for his key.

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