Os Filhos da Meia-Noite (Portuguese Edition)

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Halfway through, a very, um, uninhibited Caetano Veloso comes bounding onto the stage and starts dancing around. It was the early 70s, after all:. In one of the more experimental tracks on Expresso , Oriente , Gil turns to the East for more material to cannibalize.

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Gil was fully involved in the culture of drug use and fascination with Eastern religion that artists like the Beatles were also exploring. The song opens with a meditative passage of guitar work resembling an Indian sitar raga. Orient yourself, young man By the constellation of the Southern Cross Consider, young man The possibility of going to Japan In a Lloyd barge washing the hold?

For the curiosity of seeing Where the sun hides itself. Gil has said that the song was inspired by memories of the trains that ran through Bahia during his childhood. You can never quite predict where the stress will fall in each line, and he never sings it the same way twice.

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Another mark of a good choro performance is sacanagem , a flirtatious behavior that can arise between skilled musicians playing live music, where one may try to impress or one-up the other in increasingly bold ways. When two musicians have been playing with each other for a long time, sometimes that bond expresses itself musically and visually in the performance through sacanagem. I should add that, while there are now a good number of women who play choro, sacanagem is still something that seems to happen almost exclusively between male musicians.

Both of these qualities — the mischievousness and the flirtation — are spectacularly on display in this video of bandolinista Dudu Maia and violeiro Douglas Lora. Notice everything that goes into this performance beyond the music itself: the mischievous glances, the smiles, the body-language, the one-upmanship. Finally, note how Dudu squishes and stretches time like a true malandro, at times rushing ahead with the melody [], at other times holding back []:.

You see a certain something , too, in this video of Gil recording in the studio, when suddenly Caetano walks in and begins to dance samba. The energy that they share in this clip says more about their friendship than any words could:. Gilberto Gil: Todas as Letras is the definitive Portuguese language book on his songs, with photos, interviews and notes on each song. And, ok, just one more final thing. I absolutely cannot mention musical malandragem without linking to one of my favorite things:. Whenever I have a question about Portuguese that no one else seems able to answer, I go here.

I have asked people about this before but have never gotten a satisfactory answer. I finally found this thread on WordReference, where a several native speakers give excellent answers:. Skip to content. Anki 2. Posted in Learning Pedagogy , Vocabulary Leave a comment. Pop Quiz Posted on April 19, by Lauren. So I made my own question based on a paper I was writing.

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Posted in Grammar 3 Comments. Gilberto and Caetano in London, WordReference: when you need expert advice Posted on March 31, by Lauren. Posted in Learning Pedagogy , Reviews 2 Comments. Search for:.

4 x 3 – The Portuguese Conspiracy Music Festival

Hacking Portuguese. Hacking Portuguese a language project by Lauren Steely.

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That we tell our kids. Que dizemos aos nossos filhos. How our midnight slow dance. Became a house on a hill. Tornou-se uma casa em uma colina. Well baby maybe we won't. But maybe we will. Now baby don't think about. How we might crash and burn. Como podemos bater e queimar.

Yeah I can see it in your eyes. Sim, eu posso ver nos seus olhos. I know we've both been hurt. And I don't know what to say. I don't have any lines.

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But if I didn't say something I'd regret it for the rest of my life. Well baby maybe we won't no. Can we just go with your body on mine to the riverman. Podemos apenas ir com o seu corpo no meu para o riverman. Let's scoot. As a form, the voyage was a metaphor for inherent otherness and absence, through which the travelers to Asia ultimately created unsuspected latent forms of themselves, explained as a nostalgia for the possible. Your father is Konkani" 3. For other peoples, the mixed descendents who accepted Indo-Portuguese identity, radical ethnic change implied a more exterior guise of otherness within an unfamiliar and displaced cultural presence.

História de Portugal, volume 1, por Oliveira Martins

The thesis of my research on Portuguese literary and folkloric traditions in Asia, initiated in Sri Lanka in , is that oral texts and music carried on Portuguese ships are indicators of culture, as theorized by Loman and Halifaz , and played a key role in creating and preserving a distinct Indo-Portuguese cultural expression, developed through decades of contact.

The resulting folklore text, defined following Elizabeth C. Fine as an interplay or translation between performance and print medium, spread throughout Indo-Portuguese society promoting new forms of cultural identity and social cohesion.

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The verses, stories, proverbs, riddles, and music that characterize Indo-Portuguese culture represent a syncretism of Portuguese, African, and Asian source materials. That such groups identified with Portuguese, as Ian R. Smith notes, 8 was not unusual considering that the Portuguese occupied the apex of the social order.

What was obscured by the simulacrum of Portuguese civilization, in the enigma of a new Afro-Asian paradigm, however, was an identity that crossed categories, belonging neither wholly to one or to another. Sri Lankan sociologist Michael Roberts studied his country's population of 'Burghers' as "people in between," who did not fit into any national context or category save their own. On a generic level, the term 'Indo-Portuguese folklore text' refers to a unified body of materials, still only partially collected, that constitutes a system of culture which is the expressive tradition over time of Portuguese communities throughout Asia.

Asian contacts opened a profound difference in the boundaries of Portuguese identity. Forts lining the Malabar coast of India maintained a maritime commerce stretching from Mozambique to China bread, porcelain, opium, indigo, coconuts, cinnamon, pepper, drugs, cloves, woven cotton, gold, ivory, African slaves and supported mixed communities of Portuguese settlers, Muslims, blacks, local Christians, and Hindus.

The characteristic population of the important city of Chaul was described by Bocarro in In a study of Sri Lanka Portuguese, Smith notes that by the early seventeenth century a Portuguese-based pidgin was in use in the littoral. Creole communities had formed, made up of Eurasians, 'topazes' mestizos , and East Africans for whom the Portuguese used the spurious Arabic term 'cafres' [kaffirs] , who brought a different Portuguese pidgin with them. Children of Portuguese 'casados' would have been introduced to the pidgin or creolized language by black domestic servants, some of whom had been slaves in Goa.

When the Portuguese fort in the Batticaloa lagoon surrendered on the 18th of April , the Dutch Admiral Willem Jacobsz Coster found seven hundred inhabitants, described as fifty Portuguese and mestizos and the rest blacks, women, and children. Distinct groups of Dutch and Portuguese 'Burghers' in Batticaloa who spoke the creole joined together only in the last century, according to local Church records. Two principal points can be made about Eurasian Portuguese creole-speaking groups and their languages. First, the pidginized or creolized Portuguese dialects that were the mother tongues of these groups spread rapidly across Asia in the s and were used as the language of social intercourse, and often of religious and legal practices, in Dutch and English colonial societies up to the early twentieth century.

The colloquial Anglo-Indian terms and etymologies studied by Yule and Burnell reveal an extensive influence and knowledge of Portuguese vocabulary.

Translation of "antwerp" in Portuguese

The following creolized Indo-Portuguese folk quatrain sung in Sri Lanka, from the Hugh Nevill manuscript collection L in the British Library, represents the fusion of cultures and languages under the sign of maritime voyages:. My arm becomes a sail" The Portuguese language, undergoing creolization with contact languages in Africa and Asia, began to function as a lingua franca for commerce, domestic life, and religion, loaning extensive vocabulary to all the contact and related languages: chave key , vidro glass , camisa shirt , mesa table , alfinete pin , etc.

The only documents that will longer defy the action of time are coins. But when coins too shall have perished then the verbal tokens which have enriched the languages of the East shall still continue to exist and stand as witnesses to the Portuguese domination and influence of these parts in the past. The lasting Portuguese contribution to Asian civilizations consists of the creation of a distinct Luso-Asian people, still largely unrecognized, whose language, cultural history, and identity is the product of cross-fertilization of European, African, and Asian sources.

Malayan dutchese" Portuguese culture in Asia stems both from oral and written materials. Syncretism with African and Asian languages and cultures contributed structure, lexicon, and context to the growth of Indo-Portuguese dialects.