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Most people have never gone beyond the King sound bite, the 'I have a dream' sound bite. The site offers not only transcripts of sermons and speeches given by Dr. King, translated in a variety of languages, but also audio clips of many of them. Each year around the time the nation commemorates Dr. King's birthday, Dr. Carson receives an increase in e-mail inquiries, particularly from schoolchildren. On one recent day he sifted through notes that had tumbled into his in-box over the previous few hours from such varied places as Mumbai, India, and Spotsylvania, Va.

A question from a third grader from Wisconsin showed that not everyone is familiar with the slain civil rights leader: "Who is M. The Bee Gees inspired Charles Cronin's epiphany more than 20 years ago, and the Web allows him to share what he discovered. Cronin was a law student interested in copyright matters when he heard about the case of Selle v. This fact has been recognized by religionists of all ages. Some have gone so far as to identify God with nature, arguing that God is nature and nothing more.

Certainly we must avoid any such heresy, for this Reconcile the cruelties of nature with God revealing himself in it Christian religion its at its best insists that God is more than nature and that he cannot be limited to the transitoriness of time and space. Yet although God is beyond nature he is also immanent in it. And so the true seeker who has gone through the necessary preparation cannot open his eyes without seeing God.

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Probably many of us who have been so urbanized and modenized need at times to get back to the simple rural life and commune with nature. In such a setting the finding of God will not be difficult. We fail to find God because we are too conditioned to seeing man made skyscrapers, electric lights, aeroplanes, and subways.

We need sometimes to get away from the man-made lights of the city and place our eyes on that eternal light which man can never invent. We need sometimes to close our ears to get away from the noisy tunes of the man-made street cars and subways and open our ears to the malodious vioices of the birds and the wistling [ strikeout illegible ] sounds of the jostling wind.

Finding the Martin Luther in All of Us

I can remember very vividly how, in my recent Seminary days, I was able to strengthen my spiritual life through communing with nature. The seminary campus is a beautiful sight, and peticularly so in the spring. And it was at this time of the year that I made it a practice to go out to the edge of the campus at least every afternoon for at least an hour to and commune with nature. On the side of the campus ran a little tributary from the Deleware river. Everyday I would sit by [on? I saw him in birds of the air, the leaves of the tree, the movement of the rippling waves.

Sometimes go out at night and look up at the stars as they bedeck the heavens like shinning silver pins sticking in a magnificant blue pin cusion. There is God.

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Sometimes watch the sun as it gets up in the morning and paints its technicolor across the eastern horizen. Sometimes watch the moon as it walks across the sky as a queen walks across her masterly mantion mansion. Henry Ward Beecher was right:.

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Come further, now, and consider how that God is found in history. As stated above it is not at all easy to believe that God is present in history.

Primary Research: Finding Science Articles | Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library

Considering the anomalies of history one might logically ask, Is history rational? Is there any purpose in history?

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All that differs is the actors. But such a passimistic view of history is certainly to narrow for the man who looks at the whole. At times the light might seem dim, yet it shines. In recent times we saw it pull Hitler's Nazidom down from its high horses to a place of shame and pity ruin. What more is the Nemesis than the workings of God. It is God working for the ultimate triumph of the kingdom of righteousness. We human beings are not alone the originators and backers of goodness in this world. The key to history is lost when we separate God from the stream of events. And this, for the simple reason that, while history shows man in action, it also discloses to open mind and sensitive heart the unwearied action of the living God, yet toiling to establish his kingdom over all the earth The man who fails to see God in history is the man who is spiritually blind.

The first appeared in and cast Irish actor Niall MacGinnis in the title role. The second movie, released in , featured an impressive cast, including Stacy Keach as Luther and Dame Judi Dench as his wife, Katherine. The original play by John Osborne portrayed Luther as an angry young man in a hurry, whose conflicts with the Catholic Church seemed to be an extension of his fierce conflicts with his father. For Till, Luther is a symbol of an enlightened spirit in an unenlightened age, an age not altogether unlike our own.

Perhaps out of respect for the serious tone of the plot, Fiennes played Luther as an intense, uncertain, humorless and generally liberal cleric, who could tear a passion to tatters, but whose claim to suffer fits of depression sounded more like acute dyspepsia than a bout of soul-wracking melancholy. Neurotic introverts seldom change the world. And whatever his flaws, Luther was no introvert.

He was a great rollicking figure, a creature larger than life, who filled a room with his presence before he uttered a word. He enjoyed good beer, lively conversation, and the sound of hearty laughter. In the end, only MacGinnis in the film portrayed a leader someone would be willing to follow. And Fiennes seemed far too uncertain to lead.

Yet wherever the German language is spoken, wherever Protestants and Catholics gather for religious services or social action, and wherever the political history of Europe is told including its darker sides , the ghost of Martin Luther is present and cannot be avoided. David C. October 17, David Steinmetz.

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