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Please log in below or if you don't have an account, creating one is easy and only takes a few moments. After you log in your content will be available in your library. Viewing of. Cancel Save. Print Twitter Facebook Email. Click the button below to continue. Jesus taught them that they had nothing to do with future times and dates—they did not need to trouble themselves about these things. The lesson is important for all of us. There are many things that it is better we should not know beforehand. Indeed, it is a merciful provision that we cannot see into the future.

If we could see the sorrows, struggles, defeats and trials that we shall have to meet before we get to our heavenly home—all our bright days would be saddened by the anticipation of these things. As it is, we go on, unconscious of shadows that lie before us—living as if all were clear and bright, trusting God for the future. Then when we come to the hard points—God gives us grace to meet them. Each day has enough trouble of its own! On the other hand, if we knew the joys, blessings and prosperities, which we are to have in our life, it might make us vain and self-confident.

Is America “Babylon the Great”?

At least it might hinder us from doing our work in the very best possible way. It is better far that we should leave all our future in God's hands; it is not for us to know the times or the seasons. The disciples were assured that they should receive something better than a chart of the times.

Instead of worrying about the future, they would have strength given them to meet the future, as it would be opened unto them. Instead of idly prying into hidden things—their duty was to take up the work of Christ and enter heartily upon it. The lesson is very important. We are told to watch for Christ's coming—but the way to watch is not to sit down in idleness and wonder if He will come tomorrow—but to keep our hands ever full of earnest work in His service.

Work which will help to hasten the coming of His Kingdom, work at which we should like Him to find us, when He comes. The particular form of the work of the disciples was indicated. A witness is one who know something of which he is to testify to others. Forty days before, Jesus had been put to death in Jerusalem, and they were to go out and witness of this. They had lived with Him for three years, hearing His words and seeing His life. They were to testify of all they had heard and seen. To the men who had stained their hands in Christ's own blood, was the gospel first preached.

Revelation GNT - Then I heard a voice from heaven - Bible Gateway

Another thought is, that the murderers of Christ first received the gospel and many of them were saved. This would prove to all the world, that none need perish. For if those who had nailed Christ to the cross should receive remission of sins, surely no other sinner anywhere could have sins too black to be forgiven! A still further suggestion from this command, was that all Christian work should begin at home, right among those whom we know and love the best. We are to begin at this center—and then work out as we can into all the world.

While Jesus was talking one day to His disciples "He was taken up.

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  • This was the last glimpse the world had of Jesus. We like to remember how a friend looked and what he was doing, the last time we saw him. No wonder the disciples stood looking up into heaven after their ascending Lord. But this was not their most important duty.

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    There was no reason for sorrow. They had not lost Jesus. He had told them it was beneficial for them that He should go away that He might send the Comforter. Besides, He had not gone to stay. In due time He would return again.

    balllahditerf.cf Pensive gazing is never the best occupation. Working and witnessing are better. When our friends leave us, we are not forbidden to sorrow—but certainly we are forbidden to sorrow in a way that breaks up our life of duty and service. A mother, who lost a beloved daughter years ago, has done scarcely anything since but visit the cemetery and weep. Her home duties have been neglected. The living members of her family have received almost no care. She sits and gazes up into heaven ad weeps for her child.

    This is not the way our Lord wants us to behave. He wants us to go at once back to our duties, thoughtful and serious, yet earnest and faithful, looking for blessing from heaven, and witnessing by our faith and hope—to the glory of our Savior. One was telling me of a friend who came in one morning and sat for half an hour and spoke of matters which were much on his heart, giving this younger person advice and counsel and showing the deepest, most loving interest.

    In two days he was gone and then my friend said he never could forget that last visit, with the eager affection and the deep interest. That good face will always be remembered, just as when it was last seen.

    Related Book : A Pew Sitters Devotions In Revelation Guide To Devotions In Revelation

    That was the way the disciples would always think of Him. This last act of the Master, as He was leaving the earth, ought to mean a great deal to us. The last thing He did was to stretch out His hands and breathe from His lips a blessing. Christ's mission to the world was to bless it.

    At every step He left blessings. Wherever He went—He carried cheer. There are a few human friends whose visits are full of inspiration. A sick woman, a great sufferer for many years, said one day to a friend: "Yes, I am better this afternoon. I had Mr. Chalmers, my pastor, here, and he never comes but I say: 'That is just how Jesus would have come to see me. That is the way Jesus would have spoken.

    That is the way Jesus would have looked. Jesus was always lifting up His hands and blessing people. He blessed the children, the sick, the sorrowing, the lonely. His whole life was really just like that vision the disciples had of Him that day of the Ascension. Some people spend too much time gazing into heaven. There is a time when we ought to look upward, toward the skies. Man was made to adore. The original word in Greek for man means the upward look.